Sunday, March 21


The arrogance makes me sick. Walking outside and making a show of the entire illegitimate process, as if this is a civil rights issue? Look at how Democrats use the black folks as props. Tacky.

More of Pelosi's "Let's Hear It For The Power" tour.

Hello, economy-killing, single-payer, 16,000 new IRS-enforcing Obamacare, the legislation that 60% of Americans don't want.


I'm just catching some of the speechifying by the Speaker of the House.  What does Pelosi know about 'character'?


Blogger Homestay Mama said...

Because I'm already retired, I'm stuck with Medicare. I hate it! Can't get the doctors I want--they don't accept Medicare patients. So guess what? Now the whole country will get to experience this!

The USA as our forefathers conceived it has just disappeared! God help us all!

8:49 PM  

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