Monday, March 22

how it happened...

How she pulled it off. It's actually an incredible story.

All last week: She cooked the bill for a good CBO score, then focused on the Demon Pass strategy, but dumped it when it began losing her votes.

Going into the weekend, they were short, not even counting (or considering) Stupak.

Friday-Saturday, the Speaker handed out various goodies, Medicare payments to Oregon and 16 other states.

Saturday night, still short, came the idea for the Executive Order to win over Stupak.

Even Sunday, minutes before the vote counting, Nancy and the Senate Democrats averted a near bill-killing move by the Republicans, who found language in the bill that would doom reconciliation in the Senate. The solution? Senate Dems refused to meet with the Repubs or the Senate Parliamentarian, so as not to risk losing House votes on Obamacare.

That's how a bill becomes law, boys and girls.

(The Republicans could learn something about party unity from the cultish Democrats.)


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