Sunday, April 18

25 new taxes

If Republicans can't win in 2010, they will never again win an election.  On the tax issue alone, as Karl Rove points out, Republicans OWN Democrats.

But that's not all.  Americans support Republican policies on:

- Holding down taxes 56% to 28%
- Controlling wasteful spending 44% to 32%
- Controlling the deficit 45% to 36%

Republicans are within reach on two issues Democrats dominated in '08:

- Turning the economy around 41% to 47%
- Creating jobs 38% to 46%

How many people will continue to support the Magic Negro after their insurance policies and brand name drugs are taxed annually?

Putting politics aside for a moment, this is all really bad stuff. To think that our elected officials would do such harsh things to their fellow Americans? It's hard to swallow.


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