Tuesday, April 20

chicagoland 'reform'

The Obama administration is on another crusade, this time to 'reform Wall Street,' presumably like they already 'reformed health care' and 'cut taxes.'  In other words, they are lying. That's all they do, is lie, lie, lie, lie, and now they've embarked on another project.

I'm glad to see nine House Republicans (led by my Congressman, Rep. Darrell Issa) demanding to see the SEC documents relating to the fraud allegations against elite Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs. Something fishy is going on. Not that I'm accusing the White House and the SEC of collusion or anything. (audible laughter)

Said Rep. Issa (R-CA):
“The Goldman litigation … has been widely cited by Democrats in support of the financial regulatory legislation currently before the United States Senate. The American people have a right to know whether the commission, or any of its officers or employees, may have violated federal law by using the resources of an independent regulatory agency to promote a partisan political agenda.

…“The events of the past five days have fueled legitimate suspicion on the part of the American people that the commission has attempted to assist the White House, the Democratic Party, and Congressional Democrats by timing the suit to coincide with the Senate’s consideration of financial regulatory legislation, or by providing Democrats with advance notice.”
Of course, Big Bad Bob Gibbs denied any collusion between the White House and the SEC. Which means that the White House and the SEC did, in fact, collude and this entire episode is, in fact, political.
“The SEC doesn’t notify the White House of its enforcement actions and certainly didn’t do so in this case. … It’s not as if the president began talking about financial reform sometime on Friday afternoon.”
The future of Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, even chimed in on the issue. Which means he, himself, probably orchestrated and fixed this entire thing.
“Everybody at the White House found out like everybody else, when it hit the news. … Nobody at the White House knew anything ahead of anybody else. … I think what's more important is not this particular case or what SEC did. The need for this reform has existed for over a year.”
Finally, the idea that the SEC lawsuit against Goldman isn't political is shot to hell once you learn that Organizing for America, a Liberal 527, bought search words on Google.  Interestingly enough, those same search words just happen to correspond perfectly to THE SEC LAWSUIT AGAINST GOLDMAN in a new ad about the White House's efforts at Wall Street 'reform.'


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