Sunday, April 25


Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snowe might vote for this financial reform crap, the Dodd bill.
"If we are to effectively regulate the derivatives market, we must start the Senate floor debate with the strongest proposal we can craft and defend against the inevitable attempts to weaken it," Snowe told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a letter dated on Friday.
That's the point. We don' t need additional regulation.  Here we go again, a squishy Republican siding with the enemy in an effort to restrain capitalism and the American free market system.


Blogger gramma2many said...

Olympia needs to find a job in the public sector. She needs to be gone as much as any other entrenched RHINO. The house cleaning cannot only be of the Dems. There are several like her who also need to find themselves unemployed.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

Yes, no more regulation.

2:42 PM  

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