Thursday, April 22

the edge of the cliff

This is only April and November is a a long way off, but...I can already smell it.

In 1994, according to Daniel Henniger in the WSJ, 62% of Americans approved of the Democratic Party while 53% approved of the Democratic-controlled Congress.  That was the year of the Contract With America and the Republican Revolution.  Democrats lost 50 House seats.

In 2010, only 38% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Democrats and just 25% view the Harry Reid-Nancy Pelosi Congress favorably.

Thanks to the world wide web and instantaneous access to information, in Henniger's words, "The veil [has been] ripped from the true cost of government." Americans of all political stripes are outraged at the insane, ridiculous, out of control spending of the federal government.

Hence, the Tea Party, the resurrection of the Republican Party and most importantly, the awakening of a nation. I smell victory.


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