Friday, April 2

hasta luego

Is amnesty for eleven million Mexicans the next project for community organizer Obama and his merry band of Congressional criminals?

Ralph Peters has this to say:
"No other issue of our time matters remotely as much—not our lukewarm struggle with Islamist terror or even our metastasizing deficits.  This isn’t about tax increases or where to hold terror trials.  It’s about preserving our democratic institutions for law-abiding citizens.
"Inevitably, objections to handing immigration criminals the vote will be denounced as racist, anti-immigrant, inhumane and so on.  Unable to argue on logical grounds, the left will resort to savage name-calling.  And, of course, illegal immigrants will be compared to the legal immigrants of yesteryear, as if our laws are just burdensome annoyances that insist on silly distinctions."
Oh yeah. Here's what I think about the Democrats and their illegitimate efforts to play the race card.

Beyond that, permanent majority status must sound good to Barry, Harry and Nancy. They are salivating.

Not that they need the help, really. Democrats have always had a knack for 'finding votes' on election day. (It's also called 'cheating') Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse and lots of dead people vote for morons like Gore, Kerry and Obama every two to four years in big cities across America.

But eleven million new Mexican Democrats? That would just make it so much easier. Let the dead people and the cartoon characters concentrate their energies elsewhere.


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