Friday, April 2

it's the over-spending, stupid

The outlook is bleak for Democrats this fall because of over-spending by the Democrats, says James Carville.

I don't like Carville, but I usually agree with what he says about campaigning and hot button issues.  The guy understands messaging.

He and his partner Stan Greenberg have done some polling and what they found is good news for regular, hard-working, common sense Americans.

Not surprisingly, the American people oppose taxes.

(Short rant:) People are already stretched too thin by the Obama economy.  Great compassionate government that we have, right? Many Americans are struggling to stay afloat and the blood-sucking Democrats want even more. (Whew, that felt good.)

Anyway, 51% oppose raising taxes to reduce the deficit and by a 71%-18% margin, voters 'overwhelmingly' pick spending cuts over higher taxes as the best way to reduce the deficit.

Only 9% of Americans blame the deficits on the Bush tax cuts, while 20% fault the failed Obama stimulus and 17% blame the auto and bank bailouts.

Voters prefer Republicans over Democrats on government spending 43%-32%, and they trust Republicans more than Democrats 44%-31% on the budget deficit.

Greenberg focus-grouped the State of the Union and found that people hated Obama's comment about adding another $1 trillion to the national debt in 'our efforts to prevent a second depression.'
"The dial meters went through the floor. People hate it. They think it is arrogant. It means you are not in touch with their experience.”
I've said it many times before, but it definitely bears repeating in the age of Obama: What's bad for Democrats is good for America.


Blogger Nancy said...

I liked your post. Your perspective and analysis are interesting.

Keep writing!!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News

11:38 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

Thank you very much, Nancy.

Keep reading!!

2:42 PM  

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