Friday, April 30

obama's katrina

Obama's slow response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is slower than Bush's response to Katrina.  Eight days slower.

By the way, that's not a political statement. It's just a fact. And it's another great example of media bias. Imagine the headlines had Bush waited eight days to assist Hurricane ravaged New Orleans.

Just take a look at all the links when you Google "bush slow response to katrina."

Google "obama response slow oil spill gulf" and just two links mention slow response.


Blogger gramma2many said...

Hope you do not mind that I borrowed this for Face Book. I edited it a bit to fit and said I found it on a blog I frequent.
Keep up the good work, your blog is among my top ten favorites you know.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Hamster said...

If we really want to have a "free market" we are going to have to stop looking to the federal government to solve man made disasters like the BP oil spill.

We have got to start holding businesses accountable for their own mistakes

BP should be 100% accountable for the cleanup and mitigation for this mess. That's Federal Law.
Our government should provide help where it long as the bill get's picked up by BP and not the taxpayer.
Any long term impacts should be paid for by BP. No taxpayer funded bailouts this time.

It's funny that whenever business screw up, people want the government to get involved...after the fact.

Getting involved BEFORE a disaster with rules and regulations is considered a restraint on "free markets"

8:50 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

I love you Gramma. Facebook away.

Hamster, I agree. I'm not someone who looks to the government for solutions. I was only pointing out Obama's painfully slow and feckless response to the oil spill in context with the abuse Bush took for Katrina.

The truth is that Bush was on top of Katrina but then-Gov. Blanco dropped the ball and failed to call in the National Guard and then-Mayor failed to evacuate New Orleans.

Bush took a lot of undeserved abuse and it stained his presidency, just as his Leftist adversaries hoped it would. The MSM never misses an opportunity to mention Katrina with regard to the former president.

But since Obama is the golden boy, a media favorite and a Democrat, he is largely immune from the type of criticism Republicans get.

He got an 8 day cushion and even now the press isn't widely excoriating Obama the way they would a Republican president. It's a clear example of media bias.

I think BP and Halliburton will be completely responsible for this disaster and they both will be ruined.

Again, for the record, I never want government to get involved, unless it's building infrastructure, closing the borders or fighting wars.

11:45 AM  
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