Sunday, April 25

reform this

The geniuses over @ the NY Times are finally getting it. At least Gretchen Morgenson is. She writes:
"The leading financial proposals [like the Dodd bill] would do little to cure the epidemic unleashed on American taxpayers by the lords of finance and their bailout partners. The central problem is that neither the Senate nor House bills would chop down big banks to a more manageable and less threatening size. The bills also don’t eliminate the prospect of future bailouts of interconnected and powerful companies."
Maybe this information begin to seep into the tiny pea-sized brains currently controlling the Federal Government.

Maybe the cooperative dopes and lap dogs running the Fourth Estate will begin trumpeting this.

Perhaps these wise words will trickle down to the brain dead Obama zombies and clueless Liberal freaks.

Here are some wise words from me: Always less regulation, never more.


Blogger gramma2many said...

Even though I want this as much as any person who loves their country and freedom, all I can see is corruption in November. I do not see any Damocrat allowing the election to go to a Republican, much less a Conservative this November.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

Take heart.

2:40 PM  

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