Wednesday, May 26

liberalism run amok

HOLY WAR: A protester last night interrupts a Community Board 1 meeting, where the proposed site for a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero won overwhelming support, in a 29-1 vote.

The Gulf oil spill.  Look what happens when the environmentalists get their way.  Hello? Drilling in deep water is way more risky than shallow water.  Meanwhile, The Left is still obsessed with Bush.  But Obama has waited 37 days to provide the aide that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has requested.

The White House reportedly offered Congressman Joe Sestak a job if he decided not to run for the US Senate. Oops. That's grounds for impeachment, Barack.

How can there be credible financial 'reform' without fixing Fannie and Freddie? It's ridiculous.

Speaking of inanity, it's gotten so silly that gaffe machine VP Joe Biden is now cracking jokes about Richard Blumenthal's phony military record.

A mosque near the World Trade Center? How offensive is that? You know, tolerance only works only works if it's a one way street. (Above, the Community Board 1 meeting in lower Manhattan, yesterday.)

Obama sure takes a lot of vacations. This time he's shamefully skipping Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington, something no President has ever done during a time of war, just to go home to Chicago.  This should definitely improve his popularity among the branches.

Oh, and war between North Korea and South Korea could break out at any time. Hooray for diplomacy!


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