Saturday, June 12

june 12, 2009

A year ago today, the new American President, Barack Obama, he of no qualification and no executive experience, had an opportunity to overthrow the dictatorial regime of Iran.

But instead of aiding protesters and equipping them with hardware and software communication tools, the feckless, cowardly Obama sided with the fraudulent regime.
"The Obama diplomacy was caught flatfooted by the tumult, to say the least. Mr. Obama had bet on Iran's rulers, but a democratic opposition—in our image, speaking the language of democracy and unfurling its banners—was in the streets contesting the rulers' will and the rulers' truth. It was a moment of supreme embarrassment for the United States—a case of both strategic and moral failure on the part of the president.
"There is no guarantee that categorical American support would have altered the outcome of the struggle between autocracy and liberty in Iran. But it shall now be part of the narrative of liberty that when Persia rose in the summer of 2009 the steward of American power ducked for cover, and that a president who prided himself on his eloquence couldn't even find the words to tell the forces of liberty that he understood the wellsprings of their revolt."
Now, a year after it mattered the most, the cowardly, foolish, failure known as Obama has suddenly 'shifted' strategy and is now doing what he should have done 12 months ago: Provide dissidents in Iran with computer hardware and software to evade government censors.

From Michael Ladeen:
"Western support for the (opposition party) Greens would do wonders for opposition morale, catalyze the undecided, and perhaps contain the looming violence. Yet no Western government is even talking to the Green leaders, let alone embracing their cause. This fecklessness advances neither our interests nor those of the brave Iranians who are fighting to join the civilized world. Even the watered-down sanctions enacted this month by the U.N. Security Council represent a challenge to the regime, although they do not touch its Achilles' heel: crude oil and petroleum products. We should do much more.
"One can imagine the Green movement's leaders quoting Martin Luther King Jr., speaking a half-century ago of another struggle for freedom and respect: "In the end," he said, "we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends."
It's worth remembering today, on this anniversary, the fools and morons who tirelessly advocated for an Obama presidency. If they had any decency or honor, they'd now hang their heads in shame, admit their mistake, apologize to the Republic for damage done, stop blaming Bush and permanently refrain from ever commenting on politics again.


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