Saturday, July 24

the business of the people

Kudos to House Republican freshman Jason Chafettz of Utah, for urging his colleagues to focus on serious Congressional business and abstain from the trivial memorialization of sports events.
"Every week the House spends a couple of days churning out non-controversial bills. Beyond honoring sports achievements, they name post offices, praise armed service members, mourn distinguished people who've died and recognize historic anniversaries. This year the House has come together to support national pollinator week, national dairy month and national train day.
"Rep. Chaffetz, in an interview, said he's got nothing against recognizing worthwhile causes such as breast cancer awareness, "but there are too many of them and they're just too frivolous." He said he drew the line at sports bills because athletes already get "more than their fair share of accolades." 
"Chaffetz sees the resolutions as proof that Democrats are just filling time because of their inability to tackle the larger issues facing the nation."


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