Sunday, July 4

the debt crisis

 Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) reminds us that 'the Declaration of Independence proclaimed that self-government exists in order to secure the rights of the people. As we celebrate America's birthday, it's easy to forget that this experiment in freedom nearly collapsed in its first decade because of a massive debt crisis.

"The wave of debt now bearing down on the U.S. poses no less a threat to our way of life than our first debt crisis did. Can we learn anything from the financial upheavals of the 1780s that might guide us today?"

"Political leaders should meet this crisis with the same seriousness and determination they would bring against an invading army. There are no Madisons, Hamiltons and Washingtons to save us from our folly, nor do we need a new Constitution. Yet the courage, imagination, wisdom and public spirit that provided the founders with the plan to end America's first debt crisis can also supply our needs. We only need leaders who will rise above narrow partisanship to confront our debt challenge and save our exceptional country."


Blogger Jaz said...

Paul Ryan for President.

10:47 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...


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