Sunday, July 4

happy fourth of july

Canada is concerned about America.  At least Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson is.
"We can only hope that our American friends enjoy their national holiday weekend. Let them wave their flags, enjoy their picnics and show their love of country, because they need a holiday.
"It is disturbing these days for the country’s friends to watch the Great Republic’s politics, to wonder about its economy, to tremble at its deficits..."
Simpson then goes on to scratch his literary head about 'the gifted' President Obama, which follows the well-worn script of Barry Worship that we've been reading for the past three years.

More interesting than the op-ed though, is a comment left about Simpson's piece, by user 'CWWJ,' who clearly gets the reason America is in the pickle we're in.
"I have yet to learn what this "doleful legacy" was that George W. Bush left to the "gifted" President Obama. The financial mess was hardly created by the Bush administration: it was the direct result of legislation passed by the Carter Congress requiring banks to make mortgage loans to non-creditworthy borrowers. The requirements for banks grew even more stringent under both presidents Bush 41 and Clinton. The Bush administration saw the crisis coming and repeatedly warned the Congress that it must pass tougher legislation to control the out-of-control lending habits of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Congressional Democrats (and many Republicans too) simply refused, for purely political reasons. Democrats Barney Frank and Chris Dodd ridiculed the regulators who appeared before their committee asking for greater power to regulate these monstrous entities, glibly saying that their management and lending practices were completely sound. Bush personally warned more than 15 times, beginning in 2003, of the coming crisis, to no avail. Alan Greenspan also joined the chorus. So what were the "Bush policies" that led to the worldwide crisis? None. They were Democrat policies; typical "progressive" ideas that had typical progressive results: calamity. Now this "gifted" president (does a law degree from Harvard and a job as a Chicago community organizer and machine politician make one "gifted?" He is a gifted speechmaker, and now those speeches are sounding as hollow as the poor man himself. By the way, most Americans I know love Canada and Canadians. But we don't want your style of health care, and apparently many of you don't either."
At least there's one smart Canadian. Thank God for that. And God bless America.


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