Friday, July 30

modern washington


Thirteen different ethics violations, from essentially taking bribes to failing to pay taxes for eight years. And Charlie Rangel (D-NY) is building for himself what amounts to a presidential library, the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service, to "preserve the work of his public life."

"The most ethical Congress in history" is one of the biggest collection of liars, frauds, crooks and hypocrites I've ever seen in 37 years of following politics.

You know it's bad (and an election year) when your fellow corrupt, criminal, scumbag colleagues, who generally support each other through thick, thin and indictment, are telling you to pack it in.

Obama says Charlie should retire with his dignity.  What dignity?

The committee investigating Rep. Maxine Waters's (shown) ties to a local bank could announce its next steps before recess. | AP Photo

And speaking of not having any dignity, the racist scumbag Maxine Waters (D-CA) is under investigation.


Blogger Vernon Malcolm said...

Tom Bolan persecuted Clayton Powell to promote Rangel and Paterson under Jock Kemp and Dumbo Long.

12:14 PM  

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