Wednesday, July 7

obama's fantasy world

Obamanomics is the complete opposite of Reaganomics.  Reaganomics worked brilliantly and Obamanomics is, predictably, failing spectacularly.

In the Liberal fantasy world, hope and change substitute actual policies.  In the Liberal dreamworld, rhetoric replaces experience; ideology trumps logic and common sense.

More than 30 months after the recession started, the economy is still hemorrhaging jobs.

The President gives economics speeches and talks about jobs on the same day as economists pen opinion pieces in American newspapers describing how Obama's economic policies have failed.

The recovery is a year late. Says Peter Ferrara in the American Spectator:
"Two Christmases ago, I feared that by now Obama and his socialist policies would be riding the wave of inevitable recovery, before his policies crashed the economy in what I later called The Coming Crash of 2011. But politically as well as economically, it is all disintegrating faster even than during the Carter Administration, where 1978 was a hopeful year for conservatives that mostly didn't pan out. President Obama is on the same trajectory as President Carter, times some multiplier of Keynesian foolishness."
Newsflash to Obama and his cadre of morons: Government spending does not produce economic growth.


Blogger crallspace said...

Newsflash to you: yacking up Limbaugh's vomit does not make you appear original or even remotely smart.

Your twisted worldview is a mental illness at best, a matter for the DEPT. of Homeland security at worst. I think I'm gonna FW along some of this stuff and see what they make of it.

See you in the Bush Internment camps, bimbo boy.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

I notice you can't dispute my post here.

Go slam another energy drink and do some recycling, Headcase.

12:02 AM  

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