Monday, July 26

the real world

Finally, I have an Obamacare experience to share. My own.

My health care policy is changing. Actually, it's been discontinued. My new policy is $9 cheaper and has no co-payment. Great news, right?

Wrong. Beginning August 1, I am responsible for 25% of whatever health care costs I incur. Do the math. If I have a major medical emergency, I will now be on the hook for 25% of some big time costs.

All of this comes as a result of a defensive posture the insurance companies are taking as a result of the Liberal takeover of the American health care system.

Thank you Barry, Nancy and Harry for not listening to what Americans want. Thank you for failing to achieve your own stated goals of insuring more Americans with your bullshit health care legislation.  Thank you, most of all, for ruining my health care coverage.

Harry and Nancy, you both will hear from me very, very soon.  Barry, I'll see you in a couple of years.


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