Wednesday, July 21

'reprehensible, undemocratic'

And speaking of Journolist, a Journolister, Time Magazine's Michael Scherer (above), is one of nine people who sits on the White House Correspondents’ Association board.

That board will soon decide the news organization that will get the front row seat in the White House briefing room recently vacated by the biased and braindead Helen Thomas.

The inside baseball on this had been that Fox News had the inside track since they are the only TV network with a front row seat.

But Scherer is an outspoken Fox News hater, even positing on Journolist that Fox should be 'regulated' or even 'shut down.  How's that for journalistic ethics? Way to be fair and objective, Mike, you little pansy.

I love it when the light of truth shines brightly. I put my sunglasses on and watch the cockroaches scatter.


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