Wednesday, July 21

a stupid president makes stupid mistakes

Obama might very well be a two term President. If he gets a GOP Congress this November, he could pull a Clinton and coast to re-election against an inferior Republican opponent.

But right now, the numbers don't lie. Quinnipiac: Obama doesn't deserve re-election, 48%-40%.

Yes, America's grand democratic experiment has been working nicely since 1776, but America's 'Hope' and 'change' experiment has crashed and burned since 2009.

How inept is Obama? You'd think the first black President would be the authority on race relations? No.
This White House is so polarized and hyper-sensitive to race they fired out a black USDA employer named Shirley Sherrod (above) for making racially insensitive remarks about a white farmer. But then it was discovered that Sherrod's comments had been taken out of context, so they apologized and offered to give her another job.

You couldn't write better comedy than this!


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