Tuesday, August 31

don't touch me

Oh, man, the troops sure do love them some Obama, don't they?!?! This kid is THRILLED to have Barry's hand on his shoulder!!!

liberals are children

The Liberal elites hate Fox News. Their eyes go wide and they froth at the mouth when they mention the #1 rated cable news channel.  It's funny.

Look what actor John Cusack tweeted Sunday night:
You'd think the Left would be satisfied with owning 90% of the American media, but they aren't. All we have is talk radio, National Review, the American Spectator and The Weekly Standard. I don't believe Fox News is completely biased. Nobody has ever been able to explain to me how presenting both sides of a political issue (as Fox News does) can be construed as anything other than "Fair & Balanced." That's another Liberal canard.

You'd think adults could have a political conversation. Not if Liberals are involved. It devolves into a conversation/tantrum.  The Conservative provides substance and the Liberal throws a tantrum.

Liberals call people with whom they disagree names like "Idiot," "Moron," "Liar," and they wish for the death of Conservatives. Conservatives, generally speaking, are good, decent, normal people who want the best of life, liberty, health, success and happiness for everyone.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times... "Liberals are children."

more enthusiastic

Enthusiasm About Voting in 2010 Congressional Elections by Party, Weekly Averages: % Very Enthusiastic, Among Registered VotersSmart, informed, freedom-loving, patriotic Republican voters are handily winning the enthusiasm war against the Democrats.


Tonight Obama is going to speak from the Oval Office about Iraq.

Think he'll take a victory lap and celebrate his own brilliance for winning a war that he opposed just two short years ago? Think he'll give Bush credit for being a brave, visionary wartime President? Think he'll outline how the war achieved stated goals? Think he'll have some kind words for the troops, their bravery, sacrifice and skill?

We know he's calling Bush, probably asking for advice.

Monday, August 30

repubs +10 in generic ballot

2010 Trend: Candidate Preferences in 2010 Congressional Elections, Based on Registered Voters
This is unheard of, Republicans leading 51%-41%. It's the largest in Gallup's history of tracking the midterm generic ballot for Congress.

I guess that means Democrats are toast.

different, no similarities

Yeah, Obama is just like President Reagan.

Except Reagan cut taxes.  And his economy was a lot better.

Saturday, August 28

our vacationing dork-in-chief

Monday, August 16

old, tired, failed rhetoric

"Let's reach for hope."

Yeah. That's what the President of the United States said today in Milwaukee. Meanwhile, the economy is tanking, unemployment is still 10%, taxes are going up, the government is about to control health care and Obama  is a guy on a perpetual vacation who can't get his story straight about anything. (Latest example, the NYC mosque)

The 'hope' and 'change' bullshit stopped working about a year ago, Barry.

Wednesday, August 11

liars and haters

The Democrats continue to expose themselves as the people they are. Case in point, wishing death upon Sarah Palin.

To my knowledge Republicans have never wished death upon a Democrat.  We're just better people.

Democrats play political games.  They aren't serious about policy.  They crave and lust after power, pure and simple.  End of story. Nothing about the Democrats screams serious legislative action.  Nothing about the Left illustrates an understanding of reality.  Nothing they do helps you, me, or that guy down the street.

How else can you explain the unintended consequences that result from everything the Democrats do?

Tuesday, August 10

19 months too long

Christina Romer is the person most responsible for the failed economic stimulus.  You remember the stimulus, right? The $787 billion dollar infusion into the economy in early 2009.

Well, let's remember too that the CBO got the cost estimate wrong, so the $787 billion was actually $862 billion, but who's counting.

Romer is retiring, as did Budget Director Orszag before her, ostensibly because of failed, mind-bogglingly stupid fiscal policies.

WaPo says the best judge of Romer, is, well, Romer herself.

Of course, Romer proposed tax cuts, but the White House white washed her record, pre-Obama.

Going back to Berkeley in shame? These people have no shame and the media doesn't hold Liberals responsible for the messes they create.

No, Romer's punishment for screwing up the American economy and putting us under an irreversible debt crunch is a new cushy job as head of the Federal Reserve in San Francisco.

Saturday, August 7

party of the people

Michelle Obama's Spanish vacay is particularly obscene and galling when you consider the millions of Americans that are out of work and struggling financially.

Lavish hotel suites, closed public beaches, a 13 car motorcade, frolicking with celebrities, the arrogance of this White House is beyond anything we've seen before.  What First Lady has ever taken 40 of her friends on a publicly funded trip to Europe?

That's right, I said publicly funded.  Does anybody really believe the Obama's are footing this bill?  Did they fly commercial? No. Do they have Secret Service protection? Yes.

This is even worse than Nancy Pelosi demanding (and receiving) her own version of Air Force One.

Those Democrats. They sure relate to the little people, don't they?

Thursday, August 5

bad people doing bad things

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, second from right, speaks about the Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report, Thursday, Aug. 5, 2010, at the Treasury Department in Washington. Joining him, from left are, Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael J. Astrue, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)Another Liberal failure.

Social Security is now in the red, just as President Bush and the Republican warned back in 2004. Democrats opposed much needed reform and here we are now, in the red.

(Take a look at the sour pusses on these Democrats. Left to right, Social Security Admin. Commish Mike Astrue, Labor Sec. Hilda (Tax Cheat) Solis, Treasury Sec. Tim (Tax Cheat) Geithner, HHS Sec. Kathleen (Abortionist) Sebelius.)

And Geithner, rocket scientist that he isn't, is calling for the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for 'the rich' when he should be calling for spending cuts.

Collectively, the above four people aren't half as smart as my black labrador.

indisputable truth

Sharron Angel, the Nevada's GOP senatorial candidate, gets it absolutely, positively right. The Democrats want to 'make government our God.'

Liberals worship at the alter of big government. They want all of us to do the same. This is undeniable.

Undeniable too is the dripping sarcasm with which AP reporter Michael Blood (nice name) writes about Angle's comments.

Wednesday, August 4

prop c

Missouri voters gave Obama the finger yesterday, passing Proposition C with 70% + of the vote.

The Show Me state doesn't want unconstitutional Obamacare.

the post-racial presidency

President Barack Obama's Monthly Job Approval Averages, by Racial or Ethnic Group, January 2009-July 2010
Like everything else Obama has ever said, complete crap.

But some people are still stupid enough to believe in 'hope and change.'

prop 8

A gay judge in San Francisco finding the California law about gay marriage unconstitutional? Give me a break.

At what point does the will of the people become less important than one person's judicial activism?

When does the will of the people, expressed the same way, multiple times, become less important than one person's opinion?

The will of the people will always carry more weight than the opinion of Judge Vaughn Walker.  Unless, of course if you are gay or a Liberal, or both.  Then you don't care what the Majority thinks or wants.

Same general ideology, different subject: I struck up a conversation last week @ a baseball game with a black woman who told me that her desire to have health care (in the structure of Obamacare) was more important than what the Majority of Americans want.

When did people become so detached from reality?
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