Tuesday, August 10

19 months too long

Christina Romer is the person most responsible for the failed economic stimulus.  You remember the stimulus, right? The $787 billion dollar infusion into the economy in early 2009.

Well, let's remember too that the CBO got the cost estimate wrong, so the $787 billion was actually $862 billion, but who's counting.

Romer is retiring, as did Budget Director Orszag before her, ostensibly because of failed, mind-bogglingly stupid fiscal policies.

WaPo says the best judge of Romer, is, well, Romer herself.

Of course, Romer proposed tax cuts, but the White House white washed her record, pre-Obama.

Going back to Berkeley in shame? These people have no shame and the media doesn't hold Liberals responsible for the messes they create.

No, Romer's punishment for screwing up the American economy and putting us under an irreversible debt crunch is a new cushy job as head of the Federal Reserve in San Francisco.


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