Wednesday, September 1

paula abdul

Liberals are suckers. They are naive, thinking the world is their friend. Liberals believe they can talk every issue, mend any fence, persuade every foe. They don't recognize evil when it matters, connecting dots and prevention aren't their their thing.  Democrats just want to be popular. To be liked. That's their goal. To feel good about themselves.

Just like Paula Abdul. Remember her? The former American Idol judge LOVED every contestant on the show. It didn't matter if they were male or female, short or tall, skinny or fat, talent or no talent, Paula THOUGHT THEY WERE GREAT.

Before Obama, think back to the two previous Democrats in the White House, Clinton and Carter. Both kowtowed to terrorists and thugs, both enabled dictators, allowed genocides and turned a blind, lazy eye to America's national security, weakening America without conscience. But they felt good about themselves.

President Obama can be fairly compared to Paula. He loves Muslims, even though they aren't our friends.  He thinks allowing the Ground Zero mosque to be built near the site where 3,000 people of all faiths were murdered (by Muslims), will help America's image at home and abroad. It will signal that we are, after all, a tolerant people. And the Democrats will feel really good about themselves.
"This is what might be called the Paula Abdul theory of foreign policy, after the famously forgiving former judge on American Idol. Never mind that you can't sing, or that you're letting yourself be played for a sucker: What counts is that you feel good about yourself, presumably because you're doing something good. Another name for this kind of thinking is moral narcissism."
Obama thinks he can fix the Palestinian/Israeli feud by forcing Israel into a position of weakness. Again, he loves the anti-freedom, terrorist-enabling, thug/dictator Palestinians. He loves Muslims and he sure feels good about himself.

Iran? The Magic Negro, has done exactly nothing to help the freedom fighters in Iran (or any other country around the globe) overthrow brutal regimes. There's little evidence to support the idea that Obama is incredibly fond of freedom. But he sure does love Muslims.

You'd think someone reading the Democrat playbook would come to the obvious conclusion: None of this crap works, has ever worked. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result. But no, Democrats are way too busy feeling good about themselves.

Extending a recession by enacting higher taxes, increased spending and additional government regulation? Check. That's what Democrats do. Embracing our enemies and alienating our allies? That's what Democrats do. Ignoring all the problems in the world and leaving it for the next administration? That's what Democrats do. Tripling the deficit in eighteen months time? That's what Democrats do. But they really feel good about themselves.

Paula Abdul must be a Democrat.


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