Wednesday, September 1

voters are smart

Ohio wants their President Bush. Outside of the MOE, Ohioans prefer former President Bush to current President Obama, 50% to 42%.

Voters are smart, even if sometimes it takes awhile. Voters are smart, especially after they get fooled.

Certainly now the country is feeling nostalgic for an honest, capable President after the bumbling fool we've had for the past 20 months.

From Tom Jensen @ Public Policy Polling (PPP) a Liberal polling consultancy:
"[In what promises to be a Republican midterm election victory] there's one finding on the poll that pretty much sums it up: by a 50-42 margin voters there say they'd rather have George W. Bush in the White House right now than Barack Obama.

"Independents hold that view by a 44-37 margin and there are more Democrats who would take Bush back (11%) than there are Republicans who think Obama's preferable (3%.)

"A couple months ago I thought the Pennsylvanias and Missouris and Ohios of the world were the biggest battlegrounds for 2010 but when you see numbers like this it makes you think it's probably actually the Californias and the Wisconsins and the Washingtons."
This is the type of stuff that can happen when the Majority misinterprets their mandate, arrogantly abrogates power and governs against the will of the American people. Democrats are feeling it now, let's hope the Republicans don't suffer the same peril in the next two, four or eight years.


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