Monday, October 4

politics, empty slogans & bullcrap

I heard a guy today say that the problems Obama has encountered as President are completely racial.

The theory goes that Republicans won't work with Obama because he's black... Obama is unpopular because he's black... The country is racist...

All of which is complete crap. America elected Obama. The country wasn't racist in 2008 but suddenly we're racists in 2010? Obama won traditionally Republican states like Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina.

Obama promised to be the first post-racial President. What the hell happened?

Politics as usual, empty rhetoric, phony sloganeering, lofty promises. The Democrats (and their hyperactive allies in the MSM) capitalized on a war-weary, politically-weary electorate. (an electorate the MSM created, by the way; think "Bush lied, people died.")

A new Gallup poll says that the only Americans who like Obama are black people. An incredible 91% of blacks support Obama, while only 36% of white Americans support the Magic Negro.

The support for the President has fallen across the board.

Young people is down: 57%
Hispanics: 55%
Moderates: 54%
Unmarrieds: 53%
Easterners: 52%
Women: 47%
Midwesterners and Westerners: 45%
Men: 43%
Southerners: 41%
Independents: 40%
Marrieds: 39%
Seniors: 38%
Whites: 36%
Conservatives: 23%

And, wow! Obama enjoys the support of 12% tolerant Republicans. Way to go lying, douchebag, slimeball David Axelrod. That's quite an achievement.


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