Thursday, December 9

democrats are liars

The Democrats are actively engaged in lying to the American public about taxes.

It's one thing to oppose tax cuts, believing wrongly that they are bad for the economy and for economic growth. There are a number of ignorant people out there. You probably know many of them.

These ignorant people are perfectly capable of functioning. They eat, they drive, they have jobs, they have families. But they are getting erroneous information from Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Anthony Weiner, Brian Williams, Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer. Like the guy I ran into at the barbershop today.

He was talking about 'the tax cuts for the rich' that are going to 'run up the deficit.' Ironically, he doesn't know that extending unemployment benefits another 13 months is what will add to the deficit, not the tax cuts. The poor guy has been lied to. He's been purposefully misled.

The Democrats are actively engaged in lying to the American public about taxes.

The current debate isn't about tax cuts. It's about extending tax cuts from 2001 and 2003. What Obama did this week, the agreement he and the Republicans came to, does not cut taxes again. Obama and the Republicans agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts until 2012, when, presumably, we'll be forced to have this maddening debate again.

There's no law against being stupid. But these people are Democrats and they believe what they believe because they listen to what the Democrats say. So when the barbershop guy tells me today that the Bush tax cuts are now going to continue to drive up the deficit, he says that because he's heard a Democrat in Washington DC say that.

What the Democrats are now doing is beyond irresponsible. They are actively engaged in lying to the electorate, telling people, screaming from the halls of Congress, shouting into microphones that extending the Bush tax cuts will be a drag on the deficit and a negative for the economy.

The Democrats are actively engaged in lying to the American public. 

Democrats get elected by lying to their voters. The electoral prospects of the Democrats depends on lies to blacks, gays, Hispanics, women. Yet, black schools never get better, gay rights are materialize, immigration reform never happens, Roe v. Wade is never over-turned.

Democrats have to lie to their constituents, otherwise people would see the truth. People would see the truth because taxes would be lower, unemployment would be low, the economy would be rocking and there would be more opportunities for everyone. People would see the truth. Inner city schools would be better. People would see the truth. Gays would be treated with respect. People would see the truth. Abortion would cease to be used as a political football every two and four years.

People would see the truth and they would vote for Republicans. Not that Republicans are perfect in any way. But given the contrast, Republicans are the only credible choice. Democrats have to lie, otherwise people would see how right the Republicans are on most political issues.


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