Wednesday, December 1

i'm back

It's been awhile hasn't it?

Since we talked last the Republicans won back the House of Representatives.

Since we talked last a stake has been driven through the heart of that climate change bullshit.

Since we talked last Obama still sucks, and he's leading by executive order.

An AIDS activist says "Obama's no leader."

And big time Leftist Mort Zuckerman says America, under Obama, is in decline.

Since we talked last American airports have been Obama-ized.

Since we talked last America's national security has again been raped.

Since we talked last American aid has been funding European banks.

You know my opinion. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

Congratulations Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Eric Cantor. Good men, both.

Bye bye Queen Bitch Nancy.


Blogger crallspace said...

All irrelevant, skewed non-information. No wonder no one (besides your gay taxi friend in Boston) reads this tripe.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Fern said...

Good to have you back!

Let's hope the Republicans put together a plan for America that serves the people not party politics. I will celebrate when Nancy is voted out of office!

Meanwhile, California is out of control...

2:36 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

No one reads my tripe. Well, Fern does. And you, Headcase. You read it quite a lot, apparently. Or was it just dumb luck you happened to check RFL the moment I returned?

Why are you wasting your precious time leaving a comment on my blog? You should be outside harassing your neighbors about junk science, I mean, climate change.

FERN! Thank you. Republicans are back baby. The adults are now in charge again.

11:23 PM  

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