Monday, January 31

if obamacare is so great, then why...

From Dr. Milton Wolf, in the Washington Times:
"If you would like to know what the White House really thinks of Obamacare, there’s an easy way. Look past its press releases. Ignore its promises. Forget its talking points. Instead, simply witness for yourself the outrageous way the White House protects its best friends from Obamacare."
In other words, if this was the transformative law that will improve America and cover the hereto now insured, why is the administration granting all of these so-called 'waivers' to Obama's signature achievement?
"Last year, we learned that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had granted 111 waivers to protect a lucky few from the onerous regulations of the new national health care overhaul. That number quickly and quietly climbed to 222, and last week we learned that the number of Obamacare privileged escapes has skyrocketed to 733.
"Among the fortunate is a who’s who list of unions, businesses and even several cities and four states (Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio and Tennessee) but none of the friends of Barack feature as prominently as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).
"How can you get your own free pass from Obamacare? Maybe you can just donate $27 million to President Obama's campaign efforts. That’s what Andy Stern did as president of SEIU in 2008. He has been the most frequent guest at Mr. Obama's White House."
We all remember the backroom deals, the Cornhusker Kickback for Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE); the Louisiana Purchase for Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA); false assurances for Rep. Luis Guiterrez (D-IL), former Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) and many others. The White House was wheeling, dealing, giving away anything and promising everything to secure votes.
"Not only are the payoffs an affront to our democracy and an outright assault on our taxpayers, the timing itself of the latest release makes a mockery of this administration’s transparency promises. More than 500 of the 733 waivers, we now know, were granted in December but kept conveniently under wraps until the day after the president’s State of the Union address. HHS is no stranger to covering up bad news; in fact, this is becoming a disturbing pattern. Last year, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius hid from Congress until after the Obamacare vote a damning report from the Medicare and Medicaid Office of the Actuary showing Obamacare would cost $311 billion more than promised and would displace 14 million Americans from their current insurance.
"For this administration, transparency promises last only until the teleprompter is unplugged."
That's why today's expected ruling is such a positive development. The whole damn Obamacare thing is unconstitutional.

Sunday, January 30

'maximum sagacity'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet that Israel is "anxiously monitoring" events unfolding in Egypt.
Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has ordered his ministers to refrain from making public comments about the mass protests and governmental implosion in Egypt.

Netanyahu himself says he is 'anxiously monitoring' the situation.  There's the understatement of the year. Not just monitoring, they are anxiously monitoring.

Millions of Americans are praying for the safety and security of Israel, not only because of the power keg nature of the Middle East, but also because of the feckless Barack Obama.

Eli Shaked, Israeli ambassador to Egypt from 2003 to 2005, believes Obama's public statements on Egypt the past week are naive, and he says democracy will fall with the Mubarak government.
"There will be no democracy in Egypt.  If there will be democratic elections in Egypt in the summer or in the very near future (they) will be the first and last democratic elections in Egypt."
Eli Avidar, a political analyst and former Israeli envoy to Qatar, says the situation in Egypt has been made worse by Obama.
"Obama's statements about the situation put a lot of pressure on the regimes in the Middle East" and showed a lot of disrespect for Mubarak. The American administration does not understand the culture of the Middle East."
More from CNN:
"Avidar said the protests in Egypt have leaders of other pro-U.S. Arab countries "concerned about what will happen if demonstrations take place in their countries." "What will be the American position at that point? And I believe that they cannot count on the loyalty or friendship as they did before."
Egypt is far more than sand and pyramids. They lead the Arab League and, even though I have no confidence in it, they are the key player in the so-called 'Peace Process.'

Where's President Bush? This is one of those times the world needs a Cowboy.

losing egypt

I agree with Dick Morris.
"The Iranian government is waiting for Egypt to fall into its lap. The Muslim Brotherhood, dominated by Iranian Islamic fundamentalism, will doubtless emerge as the winner should the government of Egypt fall. The Obama Administration, in failing to throw its weight against an Islamic takeover, is guilty of the same mistake that led President Carter to fail to support the Shah, opening the door for the Ayatollah Khomeini to take over Iran.
"The United States has enormous leverage in Egypt – far more than it had in Iran. We provide Egypt with upwards of $2 billion a year in foreign aid under the provisos of the Camp David Accords orchestrated by Carter. The Egyptian military, in particular, receives $1.3 billion of this money. The United States, as the pay master, needs to send a signal to the military that it will be supportive of its efforts to keep Egypt out of the hands of the Islamic fundamentalists. Instead, Obama has put our military aid to Egypt “under review” to pressure Mubarak to mute his response to the demonstrators and has given top priority to “preventing the loss of human life.”

Saturday, January 29

hosni & omar

New Vice President is intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, a 'key player in relations with America,' according to MSNBC.

nobody believes this

Obama brain David Axelrod claims that Obama has spent the past two years "directly confronting" Hosni Mubarak on human rights abuses in Egypt.

If this is true why are we only hearing about it now that Egypt and Mubarak are in crisis?  It isn't true and nobody believes it, most of all because Obama doesn't have a foreign policy.

Can we at least get our story straight? This is the same administration that claimed earlier in the week (in the form of Joe Biden) that Mubarak isn't a dictator.

Friday, January 28

the legacy of george w. bush

Jan. 27: A Yemeni demonstrator, center, shouts slogans during a rally calling for an end to the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in Sanaa, Yemen.
The fraudulent elections of 2005 and 2009 in Iran led to the unsuccessful toppling of the regime, but the Green Revolution is still alive and well.

This year, citizens of Tunisia, after a month of protests, forced Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali from office.

This week, Egypt erupts in protests against 29 year rule of Hosni Mubarak.

Yesterday, in Yemen, an al Qaeda stronghold, tens of thousands took to the streets to demanding their President step down.

Muslims, across the Middle East, seeking and demanding freedom. Just like Bush said.  This is what Iraq was all about. Making a ripple in the water.

All of this is the legacy of former President George W. Bush, who famously said the following in 2003:
"Are the peoples of the Middle East somehow beyond the reach of liberty? Are millions of men and women and children condemned by history or culture to live in despotism? Are they alone never to know freedom and never even to have a choice in the matter?"
Elliott Abrams, a deputy national security adviser for the Bush administration wrote this in WaPo:
"The revolt in Tunisia, the gigantic wave of demonstrations in Egypt and the more recent marches in Yemen all make clear that Bush had it right - and that the Obama administration's abandonment of this mind-set is nothing short of a tragedy."
A tragedy indeed. Obama and the so-called 'Democratic' Party dismissed the notion of freedom for the Middle East because they were too busy trying to undermine President Bush.

reagan v. obama

The Washington Times came up with some funny comparisons between Presidents Reagan and Obama. Notice I said 'funny comparisons.'

Reagan: Fostered national pride in the military.
Obama: Fostered gay pride in the military.

Reagan: We begin bombing in five minutes.
Obama: We begin golfing in five minutes.

Reagan: Made big government a bad word.
Obama: Made big government a bad dream.

Reagan: Stood up to the Soviets.
Obama: Bowed to the Saudis.

Reagan: A shining city on a hill.
Obama: A home mortgage under water.

Reagan: Just say no.
Obama: Yes we can.

Reagan: Tear down this wall.
Obama: Tear down this country.

Reagan: Proposed a missile defense
Obama: Disposed of missile defense

Reagan: Put labor unions in their place.
Obama: Put labor unions in charge.

Reagan: Morning in America.
Obama: Mourning in America.

Reagan: Man is not free unless government is limited.
Obama: Man is not limited unless government is free.

Reagan: The best minds are not in government.
Obama: The best mind is in the Oval Office.

Reagan: I did not take the oath I have just taken with the intention of presiding over the dissolution of the world’s strongest economy.
Obama: It’s all Bush’s fault.

WASHINGTON TIMES EDITOR'S NOTE: "Ronald Reagan was one of this newspaper’s earliest and most ardent supporters since its inception in 1982. He read this paper every day during his two terms in office. In 1997 Mr. Reagan said, “the American people know the truth. You, my friends at The Washington Times, have told it to them.” We knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a friend of ours. Mr. Obama, you’re no Ronald Reagan."

on the ground in egypt

Thursday, January 27

egypt wants freedom

Gaffe bag Vice President Biden said earlier tonight that Egyptian 'President'/dictator Hosni Mubarak 'shouldn't step down.'

He wonders what the protesters want, too. (And Biden was the guy who was supposed to give Obama gravitas?)

Mubarek has been in power for 29 years. The guy is a President in much the same way Obama is President of the United States: both men are completely disinterested in the collective wills of their people.

Let's hope the Obama administration doesn't screw up regime change in Egypt the way they screwed it up in Iran in 2009.

another biased journalist

Jay Carney is the new White House press secretary? Doesn't that just prove (yet again) the bias of the mainstream media?

True, he's been in the White House since the beginning of the Obama disaster, working as communications director for the gaffe-prone Vice President Biden.

But Carney is a DC guy, the former Time Magazine Washington bureau chief. He was on all of the talking heads shows for years, pretending to be a un-biased journalist. He's also married to Claire Shipman of ABC. She pretends to be non-biased, too.

All of that is now officially out the window. Carney's not the only former journalist with connections to the administration. The disgraceful Linda Douglass worked for Obama for a time as a health care propagandist.

Some Obama apologists might mention Tony Snow. Don't give me Tony Snow. Tony Snow was a well-known Conservative writer/thinker/commentator before he became President Bush's press secretary.  He was never a member of 'the establishment.' He never pretended to be anything other than a partisan.

No, this is different because Carney, in his reporting, was always tougher on Republicans than he was on Democrats, but he never admitted it, until he started working for the administration.
"This is a Democratic administration. We're obviously on that side of the aisle, but I don't see this as a partisan job at all."

Too bad Sanjay Gupta didn't work out as Surgeon General.


Pelosi racked up $2,100,744.59 bill over a two year period for government air travel, including $101,429.14 for "in-flight expenses" like food and booze.

And that's just two years.  This horrible, horrible person was Speaker of the House for four years.

Hopefully, Congressional investigator-in-chief Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) will shame the wicked witch of the West into paying restitution to the American taxpayers; she can well afford it.

anybody but obama

Recycle, recycle, recycle. BO's State of the Union was nothing more than a tired rehash of stuff he's told us and cliches once uttered by other politicians.

Infrastructure? We've heard it. We thought that was partly what the 'stimulus' was for -- 'shovel ready jobs.'

Where's the 'hope' and 'change' crap, Barry? "Light to the world" doesn't cut it.  You can't sell that line.

If you're going to break out the old applause lines maybe you should pull out the good stuff. The stuff that got you elected, even though they were as empty and as meaningless then as they are now.

Alvin Felzenberg suggests here that Obama is a plagiarist for saying America is a "Light to the world."
"The president who set such a mission for the nation he led, and in those exact words, was Woodrow Wilson."
In his little speech the other night the turkey Obama also conjured up former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, former President Dwight Eisenhower and Kennedy's John and Bobby. (Noticeably absent was 'the Liberal Lion' Teddy)

What's clear is Barack Obama is trying not to be Barack Obama anymore. Maybe new White House chief-of-staff/pragmatist/centrist Bill Daley told the speechwriters to write a speech that would make Americans forget the inexcusable mistake they made in 2008 electing this dog catcher.

My car's bumper is going to say "ABO - Anybody But Obama" in 2012.

Wednesday, January 26

add it up

Even Yahoo! news is bashing Obama's SOTU.

Headline: "FACT CHECK: Obama and his imbalanced ledger"
"The ledger did not appear to be adding up Tuesday night when President Barack Obama urged more spending on one hand and a spending freeze on the other.
"Obama spoke ambitiously of putting money into roads, research, education, efficient cars, high-speed rail and other initiatives in his State of the Union speech. He pointed to the transportation and construction projects of the last two years and proposed "we redouble these efforts." He coupled this with a call to "freeze annual domestic spending for the next five years."
"But Obama offered far more examples of where he would spend than where he would cut, and some of the areas he identified for savings are not certain to yield much if anything."
On the issues.
"OBAMA: Tackling the deficit "means further reducing health care costs, including programs like Medicare and Medicaid, which are the single biggest contributor to our long-term deficit. Health insurance reform will slow these rising costs, which is part of why nonpartisan economists have said that repealing the health care law would add a quarter of a trillion dollars to our deficit."
"THE FACTS: The idea that Obama's health care law saves money for the government is based on some arguable assumptions.
"OBAMA: "I'm willing to look at other ideas to bring down costs, including one that Republicans suggested last year: medical malpractice reform to rein in frivolous lawsuits."
"THE FACTS: Republicans may be forgiven if this offer makes them feel like Charlie Brown running up to kick the football, only to have it pulled away, again.
"Obama has expressed openness before to this prominent Republican proposal, but it has not come to much. It was one of several GOP ideas that were dropped or diminished in the health care law after Obama endorsed them in a televised bipartisan meeting at the height of the debate."
"OBAMA: "To put us on solid ground, we should also find a bipartisan solution to strengthen Social Security for future generations."
"THE FACTS: With that comment, Obama missed another chance to embrace the tough medicine proposed by the commission for bringing down the deficit. For example, he ruled out slashing benefits or partially privatizing the program, and made no reference to raising the retirement age. That left listeners to guess how he plans to do anything to salvage the popular retirement program whose trust funds are expected to run out of money in 2037 without changes."
 At least Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is a truth teller.

Monday, January 24

do anything, say anything

What's this? Obama praising President Ronald Reagan?

health care waivers

Look who are getting Obamacare waivers now. None other than SEIU in Chicago, of all places!!

obama the republican

As if we needed additional proof that America is a center-Right country? Obama's approval ratings have skyrocketed since he began tacking to the center.

Democrats only pretend to be Conservatives when they run for office and when they're in trouble.

state of the union

I hope the other Justices of the Supreme Court join with Justice Sam Alito and boycott Obama's State of the Union speech tomorrow night.

Remember last year? The President of the United States 'called out' the Supreme Court for making a campaign finance decision he disagreed with.  A completely classless and unprecedented event.

Alito was pissed. Chief Justice John Roberts was pissed. Where is the class and grace of President Bush?

off the ballot

How could it be 'a surprise' as one of Rahm Emanuel's attorney's described it?

You're running for Mayor of Chicago but you got kicked off the ballot today because you've lived in Washington DC the past three years.

We don't care if you rented your Chicago house or still received mail in Chicago.

You can't prove residency in the state of Illinois. Period.

Tuesday, January 18

darth vader speaks

It cracks me up whenever Vice President Cheney bitch slaps the current administration.

This time he sums it up nicely.
"President Obama has learned that what we did was far more appropriate than he ever gave us credit for while he was a candidate. So I think he's learned from experience. And part of that experience was the Democrats having a terrible showing last election."
On Gitmo.
"I think he's learned that he's not going to be able to close Guantanamo. That it's — if you didn't have it, you'd have to create one like that. You've got to have some place to put terrorists who are combatants who are bound and determined to try to kill Americans."
The war on terror.
"He's found it necessary to be more sympathetic to the kinds of things we did. They've gotten active, for example, with the drone program, using Predator and the Reaper to launch strikes against identified terrorist targets in the various places in the world."
On spirited political debate.
"I don't think we should anticipate that we can somehow take a system that was designed for political combat, if you will, between the parties, between ideas, between principles and set that aside. I wouldn't want to do that. That's the heart and soul of our political system. And that's basically a good thing."
I don't have heroes but Dick Cheney is a man I respect, trust and admire.

Monday, January 17

idiot in chief

"God of all things"? The unpopular President who just got his head handed to him in the midterm elections? Yeah, Newsweek is just your run-of-the-mill, unbiased weekly news magazine. Did they ever give President Bush a cover like this? Nope.

At least Obama knows who he works for: China. And he's more than happy to throw a lavish state dinner for a country that places no importance on human rights. Bush knew better, and he sure as hell never bowed to anybody.

sweet little angels

From the New York Times:
"His [Jared Loughner's] anger would well up at the sight of President George W. Bush, or in discussing what he considered to be the nefarious designs of government."
 Also from the New York Times:
"Will the Arizona massacre make our discourse less toxic? It’s really up to G.O.P. leaders.
Oh yeah, Democrats don't contribute toxicity to the national discourse, and they certainly don't make films about killing Presidents.

arizona memorial

Shirts sit on the back of chairs before a memorial ...
T-shirts printed for the Arizona memorial? How's that for coordination?

No wonder it sounded like an Obama pep rally.

rationing reform

It's good to see UK Prime Minister David Cameron is planning to belatedly reform the British health care system.

But I wonder why, and sincerely hope a Republican member of Congress will ask Donald Berwick why he admires the Brits and their failed health care model as much as he does.
"Dr Berwick, Presidents have made other recess appointments like yours but only after the Senate had at least been given the courtesy of holding a nomination hearing. You never even appeared at such a hearing. Can you describe to us your discussions with the White House and who to your knowledge was in on the decision to thwart the Senate in its constitutional duty? What role was played by the president, chief of Staff Rohm Emanuel and his brother Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel and David Axelrod? Who has been advising you at the White House to downplay your radical views in your recent speech and in your appearance here today before the committee?"
And still partially on the subject, here's another glaring example as to why Newsweek cannot be trusted with reporting the facts. According to this piece, Berwick has 'elegantly simple' ways of 'making medicine better.'

Friday, January 14


Former Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus has been elected Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

I don't even know how to pronounce Reince Priebus.

UPDATE: "Reince" rhymes with "pints."

the al sharpton radio show

Thursday, January 13


The caricatures drawn of Sarah Palin are ridiculous. Like she's a fire-breather? She doesn't scream, rant or rage against the Left. She just does her folksy thing, makes her point with a swish and a few extra syllables and that's it.

You betcha, the hatred of her is pure hysteria. The Left fears Palin. Don't let anybody tell you differently.


A 66% increase in personal income tax in Illinois?

It's all due to crazy, out-of-control spending by Democrats.

Wednesday, January 12

why don't democrats do their jobs?

Sheriff Doofus, I mean Dupnik, won't release the data on Jared Loughner, presumably because it highlights just how much Dupnik hasn't been doing his job, protecting the people of Pima County, Arizona.

Why isn't this idiot doing what he's supposed to be doing?


Tuesday, January 11

words can never hurt me

Whatever happened to 'sticks and stones'?

Presumably these idiots are NOT protesting outside the jail currently housing Jared Loughner.

coordinated hysterics

The shooting of 19 people and the death of six this past Saturday in Tucson put politics into perspective. That is to say that human life and well being is much more important than the business that goes on between Democrats and Republicans.

But for the Democrats, Gabby Giffords is the new vehicle they are now driving as they attempt a return toward political relevance.

They wasted no time this past Saturday, when the news broke that Rep. Giffords (D-AZ) had been shot. It was almost as if it had been planned.

The hysterics were on full display and they instantly blamed Sarah Palin specifically, the Tea Party and 'Rightwing rhetoric' generally. Should the Left really ever lecture the Right about 'rhetoric'?

The coordination between so-called 'Democratic' politicians and the media were so seamless even the local Tucson Sheriff Dupnik got in on the act, blaming people on the Right. The irony? If Dupnik had done did job alleged shooter Jared Loughner wouldn't have harmed anyone.

Those hysterics continue now, 72 hours after the attacks. Chris Matthews is saying talk radio hosts Mark Levin and Michael Savage are responsible in some way for the Saturday's killing spree.

And even if talk radio had nothing to do with this shooting, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) says 'talk radio will cause the next one.'

Meanwhile, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee has declared that no Rhode Island state employee will go on talk radio shows, presumably because of the Giffords anomaly.

Never do Democrats let opportunities, crises, or tragedies slip away. And they waste no time in affixing blame or pointing fingers, regardless of the facts on the ground.

No shame, no conscience, no standards, no level to which Democrats won't stoop to score political points.

Thursday, January 6


Nancy Pelosi spent an unimaginable amount of money the past four years.

She was Speaker for 1,461 days.  On her first day the national debt was $8,670,596,242,973.04. Four short years later the national debt was $14,014,049,043,294.41.
"Pelosi not only outstripped her predecessors in the total volume of debt added to the national debt during her tenure as speaker, but also in the rate at which new debt was added. In fact, Pelosi added debt at a rate more than three times faster than her nearest competitor."
As if there was blood in the water and the sharks were circling.

You give Democrats the purse strings and they added $5,343,452,800,321.37 to the national debt! And now she claims 'debt reduction' was always a priority! Yeah, Nancy. Go park yourself that fat ass of yours in the Minority section with all of your colleagues. (19 of whom detest you so much they voted against you becoming Minority leader)

Wednesday, January 5

millions of idiots believe this garbage

Amazing. The Democrats didn't 'pass Obamacare because of a partisan or ideological agenda'? Really? They rammed it through late at night, on Christmas eve, twisting arms and bribing consciences all over the place. Who can forget Bart Stupak? The Cornhusker Kickback? The Louisiana Purchase?

Obamacare does all of the stuff described above, especially rationing care and most notably killing our economy. Yet, somehow that's progress to the Left.

the feminine side of speaker boehner

ABC News continues the narrative that Speaker Boehner is a weeper. His feminine side was exposed the night of the sweeping Midterm election victory.  But this photo above screams Pelosi is a strong leader and Boehner is a weakling.  Nice optics from a supposed un-biased news organization.

While ball buster Nancy brandishes an ice pick, John reaches for the Kleenex. I'd think that might score some Independent women votes for Republicans.

bilking the system

Queen Bitch Nancy Pelosi, days before handing over the gavel to Speaker Boehner, took full advantage of taxpayers again, this time on a luxurious vacation to Hawaii, where she had a private jet, Secret Service detail and a $10,000 a night suite at the Four Seasons.

Above, the Queen does face time with Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie.

taking out the trash

Tuesday, January 4

democrats, in control since '07

Saturday, January 1

democrats fail again

The Democrats have had years to extend the Bush tax cuts and they've waited, and waited, and waited until the last possible minute, doing what they do best: play politics. They didn't sign the extension into law until December 17. They have egg on their faces.

Now, the IRS is going to have to catchup and reprogram their computers. So, that means until mid to late February, no filing, which is a huge problem for millions of Americans. Which means the Democrats are again proving to be an impediment to progress, quite the opposite of what they claim.

Has there ever been a bigger group of un-serious, un-professional members of Congress supposedly doing the people's business?
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