Thursday, January 6


Nancy Pelosi spent an unimaginable amount of money the past four years.

She was Speaker for 1,461 days.  On her first day the national debt was $8,670,596,242,973.04. Four short years later the national debt was $14,014,049,043,294.41.
"Pelosi not only outstripped her predecessors in the total volume of debt added to the national debt during her tenure as speaker, but also in the rate at which new debt was added. In fact, Pelosi added debt at a rate more than three times faster than her nearest competitor."
As if there was blood in the water and the sharks were circling.

You give Democrats the purse strings and they added $5,343,452,800,321.37 to the national debt! And now she claims 'debt reduction' was always a priority! Yeah, Nancy. Go park yourself that fat ass of yours in the Minority section with all of your colleagues. (19 of whom detest you so much they voted against you becoming Minority leader)


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