Thursday, January 27

another biased journalist

Jay Carney is the new White House press secretary? Doesn't that just prove (yet again) the bias of the mainstream media?

True, he's been in the White House since the beginning of the Obama disaster, working as communications director for the gaffe-prone Vice President Biden.

But Carney is a DC guy, the former Time Magazine Washington bureau chief. He was on all of the talking heads shows for years, pretending to be a un-biased journalist. He's also married to Claire Shipman of ABC. She pretends to be non-biased, too.

All of that is now officially out the window. Carney's not the only former journalist with connections to the administration. The disgraceful Linda Douglass worked for Obama for a time as a health care propagandist.

Some Obama apologists might mention Tony Snow. Don't give me Tony Snow. Tony Snow was a well-known Conservative writer/thinker/commentator before he became President Bush's press secretary.  He was never a member of 'the establishment.' He never pretended to be anything other than a partisan.

No, this is different because Carney, in his reporting, was always tougher on Republicans than he was on Democrats, but he never admitted it, until he started working for the administration.
"This is a Democratic administration. We're obviously on that side of the aisle, but I don't see this as a partisan job at all."

Too bad Sanjay Gupta didn't work out as Surgeon General.


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