Thursday, January 27

anybody but obama

Recycle, recycle, recycle. BO's State of the Union was nothing more than a tired rehash of stuff he's told us and cliches once uttered by other politicians.

Infrastructure? We've heard it. We thought that was partly what the 'stimulus' was for -- 'shovel ready jobs.'

Where's the 'hope' and 'change' crap, Barry? "Light to the world" doesn't cut it.  You can't sell that line.

If you're going to break out the old applause lines maybe you should pull out the good stuff. The stuff that got you elected, even though they were as empty and as meaningless then as they are now.

Alvin Felzenberg suggests here that Obama is a plagiarist for saying America is a "Light to the world."
"The president who set such a mission for the nation he led, and in those exact words, was Woodrow Wilson."
In his little speech the other night the turkey Obama also conjured up former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, former President Dwight Eisenhower and Kennedy's John and Bobby. (Noticeably absent was 'the Liberal Lion' Teddy)

What's clear is Barack Obama is trying not to be Barack Obama anymore. Maybe new White House chief-of-staff/pragmatist/centrist Bill Daley told the speechwriters to write a speech that would make Americans forget the inexcusable mistake they made in 2008 electing this dog catcher.

My car's bumper is going to say "ABO - Anybody But Obama" in 2012.


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