Sunday, January 30

'maximum sagacity'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet that Israel is "anxiously monitoring" events unfolding in Egypt.
Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has ordered his ministers to refrain from making public comments about the mass protests and governmental implosion in Egypt.

Netanyahu himself says he is 'anxiously monitoring' the situation.  There's the understatement of the year. Not just monitoring, they are anxiously monitoring.

Millions of Americans are praying for the safety and security of Israel, not only because of the power keg nature of the Middle East, but also because of the feckless Barack Obama.

Eli Shaked, Israeli ambassador to Egypt from 2003 to 2005, believes Obama's public statements on Egypt the past week are naive, and he says democracy will fall with the Mubarak government.
"There will be no democracy in Egypt.  If there will be democratic elections in Egypt in the summer or in the very near future (they) will be the first and last democratic elections in Egypt."
Eli Avidar, a political analyst and former Israeli envoy to Qatar, says the situation in Egypt has been made worse by Obama.
"Obama's statements about the situation put a lot of pressure on the regimes in the Middle East" and showed a lot of disrespect for Mubarak. The American administration does not understand the culture of the Middle East."
More from CNN:
"Avidar said the protests in Egypt have leaders of other pro-U.S. Arab countries "concerned about what will happen if demonstrations take place in their countries." "What will be the American position at that point? And I believe that they cannot count on the loyalty or friendship as they did before."
Egypt is far more than sand and pyramids. They lead the Arab League and, even though I have no confidence in it, they are the key player in the so-called 'Peace Process.'

Where's President Bush? This is one of those times the world needs a Cowboy.


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