Monday, January 17

rationing reform

It's good to see UK Prime Minister David Cameron is planning to belatedly reform the British health care system.

But I wonder why, and sincerely hope a Republican member of Congress will ask Donald Berwick why he admires the Brits and their failed health care model as much as he does.
"Dr Berwick, Presidents have made other recess appointments like yours but only after the Senate had at least been given the courtesy of holding a nomination hearing. You never even appeared at such a hearing. Can you describe to us your discussions with the White House and who to your knowledge was in on the decision to thwart the Senate in its constitutional duty? What role was played by the president, chief of Staff Rohm Emanuel and his brother Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel and David Axelrod? Who has been advising you at the White House to downplay your radical views in your recent speech and in your appearance here today before the committee?"
And still partially on the subject, here's another glaring example as to why Newsweek cannot be trusted with reporting the facts. According to this piece, Berwick has 'elegantly simple' ways of 'making medicine better.'


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