Thursday, February 17

paying your fair share

Wisconsin police are looking for so-called 'Democratic' lawmakers who are hiding in protest to Governor Scott Walker's (above) proposed union reform legislation. 

No Democrats showed up to vote today which means a vote can't be taken. How pathetic. They ran the state into the ground and then work overtime to prevent reform.  You don't see Republicans engaged in this type of juvenile behavior.

I predict these cowardly, loathsome 'public servants' are going to have their political careers shortened because the citizens of Wisconsin are taking notice.

Loathsome too are the 1,100 teachers who 'called in sick' to work the past two days to protest. Obviously the kids aren't a priority. Fire them if they don't increase their own contributions to benefits.

Newsflash: Wisconsin and most other states across the country are broke.

Governor Walker's legislation would strip public employee unions of collective bargaining rights and would go a long way toward restoring the state's -- the nation's -- fiscal health and sanity.

If private sector workers like me -- the people who drive the economy -- have to pay into our retirement plans, why should we have to subsidize greedy, lazy, free-loading public sector union people?

This is goofy, parallel universe kind of stuff.


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