Wednesday, March 23

feckless, incompetent

By any objective measure or standard, Barack Obama has been the worst, most disastrous President in American history.
"America's accelerating downward spiral advanced on Friday when CBO released a report on President Obama's exploding deficits and debt. Last month, President Obama's own budget admitted that he will more than double the national debt in just one term of office, with an admitted budget deficit this year of $1.645 trillion, the highest anywhere in world history by several times over. Friday's CBO report concluded that federal deficits over the next 10 years under President Obama's budget would soar by nearly a third more than he estimated, totaling nearly $10 trillion over those 10 years, which would nearly double the national debt again to $21 trillion by 2021."
Jimmy Carter no longer can be accused of being America's worst.  Barack Obama owns the title. 


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