Wednesday, March 23

ignoring big stories

The mainstream media works overtime not reporting the truth about President Obama, so it's no surprise they haven't reported the inability of the Democrats to secure the nomination of Donald Berwick, Obama's choice to chair the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CHS).

Berwick, you might recall, is the guy who loves Great Britain's socialist health care system.  The one where people die of malnourishment, infection and poor care. Anyway, Obama gave him a recess appointment.

But forty two Republican Senators have refused to confirm Berwick and there you go.  Done.  Sure, he gets to finish out his recess appointment but why hasn't this been a bigger story?

Had Bush picked a controversial figure to reform Social Security the msm would have gone into hyperdrive.  They would have savaged the nominee right along with the Democrats. If there had been a recess appointment, all hell would have broken loose. And had he not won confirmation, it would have been reported as the Republic had averted a crisis.


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