Saturday, April 16

a withering critique

Sarah Palin is pictured. | AP Photo
"A withering critique." That's how the Politico's Andy Barr describes Sarah's speech today.

Just as I was starting to give up on a Palin presidential run, she goes to Madison, Wisconsin, delivers a speech and cranks it out of the park.

You remember Madison, don't cha? The Breeding Ground Zero for the dumbest people and slimiest union thugs around?

Her message to the GOP: "Fight Like A Girl," i.e., tough as nails and straight-up honest. Her message to Obama: "Win the future? The only future he wants to win is his re-election."

All true. All brutally honest. All Sarah. She continues to be right. No wonder the pigs on the Left hate her and have been trying to destroy her for three years.

P.S. Speaking of pigs, look at this handmade poster. Isn't that sweet? Some gracious, loving person in Wisconsin left it outside yesterday ahead of Palin's visit. Obviously, another tolerant, open-minded, caring Liberal Democrat.


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