Thursday, April 7

'you might want to think about a trade-in'

Liberals love to pretend that they care about the little people, but there's a problem.

If Liberals cared as much as they claim there would be no homeless people sleeping on the streets.  There would be no failed public schools.  Unemployment would be low. Discrimination or sexism would have been eradicated long ago.  Energy independence would have already been achieved.

None of those things have happened and it's not because Democrats haven't been in charge.  They've controlled Congress from 2007 until six months ago and they've held the presidency for two and a half years.

Obama won't allow America to utilize our own natural energy resources, so not only are we energy dependent we're also paying higher gas prices thanks to unrest in the Middle East.

The height of arrogance, condescension and insensitivity, laughing and telling people who are complaining about gas prices to 'think about a trade-in.'

Problem is, we all drive cars. And the Obama economy sucks, so a lot of people are unemployed. A 'trade-in,' might not be feasible for a lot of people. It's not like we all have limo's and SUV's at our disposal 24/7.  The smugness of this guy.

I want a new President. I'll trade Obama for ANY Republican. It doesn't matter which one.


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