Thursday, May 26

renewing the patriot act

Have you noticed the Patriot Act suddenly isn't nearly as 'controversial' as it once was?

Factor in a biased media and the biggest Liberal President in American history who is now conveniently copying the exact policies of President Bush he once demagogued, and there you go.

love the hypocrisy

New DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz loves the American auto industry so much she drives a Japanese car.

And she claims the GOP is 'anti-women,' even while loud mouth Liberal talk radio hosts like Ed Schultz refer to Right wing female radio hosts as 'sluts.'

Ooops. Calling the kettle black, perhaps? It's what Democrats do best.

Wednesday, May 25

skirting the law

If Obamacare is so great, why do so many people want to get out from under it?

Tuesday, May 24


Apparently Rudy Giuliani is 'obsessed' with beating Mitt Romney and, as such, he's running for President in 2012.

Hey, I love Rudy and wanted him to run and win in 2008, but obviously that didn't happen. But if he's serious and has more of a fire in the belly than just wanting to humiliate Romney, then I'd wholeheartedly support him again.

I'm not seeing this is as a real thing yet. Not so says Rep. Peter King (R-NY) who claims "running and winning this time is 'almost a full-time business for (Rudy).'"

all i can say

The best thing I can say about our idiot President Obama who doesn't know what year it is? He's got a cool signature.

mr. president?

Bibi Netanyahu is a leader and a speaker without need for a teleprompter.

This is what passion, conviction and life experience sound like.

Thursday, May 19

just stay home, bibi

I've never understood why American Jews are overwhelmingly Liberal, given the Democrats' doveish approach to the Middle East and tepid support of maintaining the Jewish State.

Today, Obama declared his support for a future Palestinian State based on 1967 borders, a slap to the face of Israel, ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the White House tomorrow.  He shouldn't bother.  Seriously, stay home, Bibi.

At long last, some wealthy Jewish Liberals are warning Obama they might not support his 2012 re-election campaign because of his lukewarm support for Israel. Finally.

This sums it up nicely: Right wing members of Israel's Knesset are saying that "Obama is the new Arafat."

Jews, and Liberals, would be wise to remember they had no better friend in the world than George W. Bush.

Tuesday, May 17

the elders

Thursday, May 12

like a disease

George Soros is like a disease, a virus, a cancer. He's everywhere, but behind the scenes, in the shadows.

Amazingly, Fox News, the supposedly 'faux' news network, is the only one reporting that Soros gives money to 30 'news' organizations including, but not limited to, NBC, NPR, ABC, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Liberals love to say 'you just made that up,' in an attempt to de-legitimize and demean their opponents and that's been their approach with Fox, calling it 'GOP TV,' which is stupid since 'fair and balanced' means they always present both sides of debates. Nice run-on sentence, huh?

Back to Soros. This guy crashes economies for sport. Apparently he's trying to do something similar in America. But nobody cares. Nobody is reporting it, except for the 'fake news network.'

Tuesday, May 10

it was always phony

It was always about the re-election, wasn't it?

The campaign rallies started before Obama stopped speaking about bin Laden the night of the operation, all without a word about how the 'torture' policies Democrats opposed resulted in Obama's success.

Nothing like those true beliefs becoming a part of the stump speech.


It turns out that we did lose something of value during the bin Laden raid: technology for a $60 million dollar stealth helicopter. It's unbelievable the SeALS didn't destroy the thing when they had the chance.

China wants it and Pakistan has it.

And speaking of the $60 million dollar stealth helicopter, I know there are pics and vids of the charred-out remains of the thing all over the web, but Washington isn't talking about it, with one notable exception: POTUS.

Why the hell is our idiotic President talking about stealth technology at all, much less telling the world how much it cost?


Lawyers for the administration go to court today to argue that requiring Americans to buy health insurance is constitutional under Obamacare.

The three judge panel, allegedly chosen by computer, all turned out to be Democrats! Imagine the luck.
"The panel of judges -- selected at random by a computer -- turned out to have all been appointed by Democratic presidents, including two by Obama: James Wynn and Andre Davis. The third, Diana Motz, was appointed by President Bill Clinton."
Amazing how those computers work. 

Monday, May 9

oh, canada

I've always been extremely critical of Canada, our neighbors to the North, but beginning in 2006, they wised up.

The Canucks elected the Conservative government of Stephen Harper and even more importantly, last week, they began what some are calling the Canadian Revolution by handing Harper a majority government and relegating the idiotic, games-playing Liberals to the back bench.

From Michael Barone:
"Harper's Conservatives have already cut taxes and modified spending programs, but always with the tacit consent of the separatist Bloc Quebecois, or the left-wing New Democrats, or the long-dominant Liberal Party. Now they're on their own, and we'll see the results.
"But the installation of a majority government by itself is not a political revolution. The biggest changes in Canada were indicated by the devastating defeats of two of the opposition parties.
"The Bloc Quebecois was reduced from 50 seats to only four. Formerly it represented most of Canada's second largest province. Now it represents a tiny rump."
Countries all over the world are learning Liberalism is a lie and they are electing reform-minded Conservative governments to restore order and sanity after years of lunacy.

America took a step toward cleaning up Obama's mess in 2010. We're all waiting to see what the Republicans do with that chance. One thing for sure, we should all be watching and learning from Canada. And that statement alone is revolutionary. 

Thursday, May 5

'how's that working out for you?'

Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain introduced himself to the country tonight during the first 2012 Republican Presidential debate. His answers were memorable, notable and refreshing. He turned out to be the star of the evening.

That's a stark contrast to the reporting on the 2012 GOP field. Yes, they call it 'weak,' they acknowledge ghosts in the room, but they never report it accurately or fairly.

Case in point: former MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty clearly was the early star of the show tonight, the top tier candidate who drew the most fire, but somehow Politico reporter Ben Smith misreported the affair and said Pawlenty was 'in debate draw with the missing Mitt Romney.'

WTF? How's that for unfair? How do you debate with a missing person? Smith is an illegitimate voice, a hack. His opinion is moot.

In fact, the debate was a lively back-and-forth between Pawlenty, Cain and former PA Senator Rick Santorum.  Also on stage were certified nut ball Ron Paul and the irrelevant former NM Gov. Gary Johnson.

I loved what Cain said, as did most everybody else, who delivered the knock out line about having the least experience of the candidates.  Of those with Washington experience, Cain noted it was a good thing he was not a politician.  He then said, of elected politicians in DC, specifically Obama, "How's that working out for you?"

Pawlenty was solid, as was Santorum. I've always been a Santorum fan, although in this group I find him most likely to be a back bencher but perhaps an emblematic Veep choice.

But, the star of the night was clearly the anti-politician Cain, whose personality shined through in answer after answer. A debate between Cain and Obama would be quite a spectacle. Although, if biased journalists have their way, Obama will cruise to an unchallenged, undeserved re-election.

The pressure will be on big media to spoil whatever 'party' the Republicans throw together and the candidates we nominate to represent us in the general election.  But Conservative media and the GOP plan to make the 2012 election not only a referendum on Obama, the Democrats and their failed agenda, but on the MSM's failed vetting of Obama in 2008.

'too much focus'

David Beamer, father of 9/11 victim Todd Beamer on FOX News: 
"I feel some chagrin now, though, about how the rest of it has been handled. And frankly it started May Day, 2011 when the president announced what had happened. The excessive use of the personal pronoun that he used in his remarks, I really felt that was the beginning of the Commander-in-Chief putting too much spotlight on himself, taking too much credit for what the remarkable Americans had done. And of course it's only now accelerated to a greater degree in the media. "

gutsy call

Yeah, it's gutsy, all right.  Obama (and his allies in American media) continue to bask in the glory of killing Osama bin Laden. That must be why we're not talking about higher unemployment today.

The White House has been busy. Busy deciding not to release photos of the dead bin Laden, for fears that the pictures are grotesque, that they won't be believed and that they might stir up anger. Busy answering bin Laden questions that only seem to raise more questions. Busy going to NYC today and having a big, unnecessary photo op to feed Obama's success-starved ego.

And they've been busy setting up a new campaign website,  How un-Presidential is that?Can you imagine Bush broadcasting success in that way?

Monday, May 2

democrats have egg on their faces

Now former President George W. Bush smiles during a tour of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, D.C. on January 21, 2008. (credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)
Democrats did nothing but bash President Bush for eight years about his prosecution of the War On Terror. They tried numerous times to tie his hands, they outed secret programs, claimed he lied us into war and that he was violating civil rights.

Oh, the irony. Bush's waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques provided us with the intelligence used to track and kill Osama bin Laden yesterday.

Liberals have egg on their faces today.

Sunday, May 1

shot in the head

PHOTO: Osama bin Laden
I'm not sure why Obama called former Presidents Bush and Clinton about the demise of Osama bin Laden, since Clinton's inaction was the reason al Qaeda struck America on 9/11.

Nevertheless, bin Laden's death is a good thing. But I'm skeptical of the news, and the timing of the announcement.  I'm also skeptical of the 'impromptu' celebrations outside the White House, complete with brand spanking new American flags and Obama 'hope and change' signs.

You'll also excuse me if I find it at all strange that this news came right in the middle of 'Celebrity Apprentice' - I know it sounds crazy, but in the wake of Obama's extreme attention on Donald Trump last night (see earlier posts) it shouldn't come as a surprise that Barack is obsessed with The Donald.

Of course, NPR has a lot to say. Mostly quoting strong Republican leaders instead of weak Democrats.

Finally, it's important to say, as a harsh Obama critic, to the extent the President took more aggressive measures - drones and a better working relationship with Pakistan - I applaud him. Osama's death, if true, is a good thing, no matter how you slice it.

'your work ethic shines'

Sarah Palin to Rachel Maddow @ the MSNBC after party at the White House Correspondents Dinner: "Get me a Diet Coke."

Palin also complimented the oft-hateful Maddow by telling her, "Your work ethic shines."

'let them eat cake'

"I don't think Americans are having a good time with $5 gas" - Donald Trump

The world is in chaos and Obama's policies are complete failures, yet he is feted as a hero by a sycophantic press corps at the White House Correspondence Dinner, while a smart businessman, much more qualified to be President, is the butt of jokes.
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