Thursday, May 12

like a disease

George Soros is like a disease, a virus, a cancer. He's everywhere, but behind the scenes, in the shadows.

Amazingly, Fox News, the supposedly 'faux' news network, is the only one reporting that Soros gives money to 30 'news' organizations including, but not limited to, NBC, NPR, ABC, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Liberals love to say 'you just made that up,' in an attempt to de-legitimize and demean their opponents and that's been their approach with Fox, calling it 'GOP TV,' which is stupid since 'fair and balanced' means they always present both sides of debates. Nice run-on sentence, huh?

Back to Soros. This guy crashes economies for sport. Apparently he's trying to do something similar in America. But nobody cares. Nobody is reporting it, except for the 'fake news network.'


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