Monday, May 9

oh, canada

I've always been extremely critical of Canada, our neighbors to the North, but beginning in 2006, they wised up.

The Canucks elected the Conservative government of Stephen Harper and even more importantly, last week, they began what some are calling the Canadian Revolution by handing Harper a majority government and relegating the idiotic, games-playing Liberals to the back bench.

From Michael Barone:
"Harper's Conservatives have already cut taxes and modified spending programs, but always with the tacit consent of the separatist Bloc Quebecois, or the left-wing New Democrats, or the long-dominant Liberal Party. Now they're on their own, and we'll see the results.
"But the installation of a majority government by itself is not a political revolution. The biggest changes in Canada were indicated by the devastating defeats of two of the opposition parties.
"The Bloc Quebecois was reduced from 50 seats to only four. Formerly it represented most of Canada's second largest province. Now it represents a tiny rump."
Countries all over the world are learning Liberalism is a lie and they are electing reform-minded Conservative governments to restore order and sanity after years of lunacy.

America took a step toward cleaning up Obama's mess in 2010. We're all waiting to see what the Republicans do with that chance. One thing for sure, we should all be watching and learning from Canada. And that statement alone is revolutionary. 


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