Thursday, June 30

in the real world

"when does the magic start to happen?"

Great question posed by Senator Marco Rubio. When does the magic of this president start to happen?
"Three years into his presidency, Obama is a failed president. He just has not done a good job. Life in America today, by every measure, is worse than it was when he took over."
"I am disappointed for our country and shocked at some of the rhetoric, rhetoric, I thought, that was more appropriate for some left-wing strong man than for the president of the United States."  
Obama is a one term President. 

Wednesday, June 29

media bias

Barack the Magic Negro gets a free pass from the MSM. It doesn't matter what stupid stuff comes out of his mouth [with and without the teleprompter] America doesn't hear it or know about it because it's kept out of the paper, off the television screen and filtered away from the web.

Like it never even happened. I label it dishonest journalism and media bias, but it's more than that. It's a dishonest act of telling only part of the story in an attempt to mislead the American public. Journalists are engaged in a nationwide, industry wide conspiracy against Conservatives and Republicans.

That must be an amazing luxury for a politician or a candidate.  Unfortunately for Republicans, they don't get that same cushy treatment. Ask Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann. Conservatives are held to a higher standard. They get one shot to say whatever they want to say and they had better make it good because only Democrats get do-overs.

What Republican presidential candidate would ever get away with saying he'd visited 'all 57 states' of America?

idiot in chief

Team Moron [Obama] is nervous. They're losing Jews and other key donor groups.

Is it any wonder? The President wants Israel to return to 1967 borders [an outrage] and he flails about daily in search of a message that will resonate on the economy, even though he's responsible for the crappy jobs picture, the sky-high unemployment and the general malaise of the country.

Obama is a bigger failure than I imagined he'd be. I know he's an ideologue but he's been ridiculous since Day One.  Democrats should have gone with their gut instinct and nominated Hillary.

Sunday, June 26

the new frontier

Fascinating. A new Mongolia is rising and it's going to be a land of riches and luxury.

this just in

Michelle Bachmann is hot.

Tuesday, June 21

thanks, harry

Harry Reid likes (and endorses) Jon Huntsman for President? I guess that means I'm endorsing Mitt Romney.

P.S. This tells me how scared Democrats are of Romney.

P.S.S. I can't believe CNN actually reported this garbage.

obama is an idiot

Looking more and more like a one term President.  And thank God.

Wednesday, June 15

total mismanagement

What does this tell you?

Barack Obama was elected 'to fix' the economy, even though he and his fellow Democrats screwed it up with their demands for free mortgages for everybody, and here he is (above, pictured 1/22/09) not having had an economic affairs meeting for over a month?

Nice headline in the LA Times: "Economic briefing returns to Obama's schedule." Is this guy the biggest failure, the biggest fraud in American history, or what?

let them eat cake

I am thrilled for Nancy Pelosi that her net worth grew 62% last year. But I wonder why she and other Democrats don't want those same free enterprise opportunities for all Americans?

Tuesday, June 14

killing public employee unions

Acting with 'unusual speed' the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld the law which essentially ends collective bargaining for public workers.

Fantastic! No more handouts to the (above) whiners.  Maybe the idiots camped out at the Capitol will finally go home.

This gives great hope to those of us who live in other freeloader states, like California.


Any of the seven GOP Presidential hopefuls (eight, with Jon Huntsman announcing next week) would be a more viable alternative to Barack Obama.

But first, what the hell was that sound CNN moderator John King kept making? It sounded like he was clearing his throat and trying to speak all at the same time. It reminded me of Gore sighing during the 2000 presidential debates, or a camera-hogging football referee infringing on the game.

To their considerable credit, the GOP field ignored King's quirks and all-too-frequent interruptions and presented their credentials and ideas to the country last night, all of them focusing on what we all agree should be the one term President Obama.

Santorum, Bachmann, Romney, Pawlenty, Paul, Gingrich and Cain all specifically highlighted just how horrible Obama has been, and continues to be, for America, for workers, for the economy, for wealth creation, for our allies, on foreign policy, on job creation and on monetary policy.

Any of the above has a better resume than Obama, are smarter, more qualified, any one of the above would be a better President. And thank God, really.  Thank God.

The stock market is up today, presumably because investors now can see some light at the end of the long, dark Obama tunnel.

Wednesday, June 8

rick perry (m)

The Gov of Texas has been a great Governor and would make a great President of the United States.

Wednesday, June 1

june 1

"Horror for US Economy as Data Falls off Cliff" -- so says CNBC.

Thank you, Obama and Democrats.

QE3 anybody?
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