Tuesday, June 14


Any of the seven GOP Presidential hopefuls (eight, with Jon Huntsman announcing next week) would be a more viable alternative to Barack Obama.

But first, what the hell was that sound CNN moderator John King kept making? It sounded like he was clearing his throat and trying to speak all at the same time. It reminded me of Gore sighing during the 2000 presidential debates, or a camera-hogging football referee infringing on the game.

To their considerable credit, the GOP field ignored King's quirks and all-too-frequent interruptions and presented their credentials and ideas to the country last night, all of them focusing on what we all agree should be the one term President Obama.

Santorum, Bachmann, Romney, Pawlenty, Paul, Gingrich and Cain all specifically highlighted just how horrible Obama has been, and continues to be, for America, for workers, for the economy, for wealth creation, for our allies, on foreign policy, on job creation and on monetary policy.

Any of the above has a better resume than Obama, are smarter, more qualified, any one of the above would be a better President. And thank God, really.  Thank God.

The stock market is up today, presumably because investors now can see some light at the end of the long, dark Obama tunnel.


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