Wednesday, June 29

media bias

Barack the Magic Negro gets a free pass from the MSM. It doesn't matter what stupid stuff comes out of his mouth [with and without the teleprompter] America doesn't hear it or know about it because it's kept out of the paper, off the television screen and filtered away from the web.

Like it never even happened. I label it dishonest journalism and media bias, but it's more than that. It's a dishonest act of telling only part of the story in an attempt to mislead the American public. Journalists are engaged in a nationwide, industry wide conspiracy against Conservatives and Republicans.

That must be an amazing luxury for a politician or a candidate.  Unfortunately for Republicans, they don't get that same cushy treatment. Ask Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann. Conservatives are held to a higher standard. They get one shot to say whatever they want to say and they had better make it good because only Democrats get do-overs.

What Republican presidential candidate would ever get away with saying he'd visited 'all 57 states' of America?


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