Tuesday, July 26

debt crisis

This is one of the best examinations of the Obama presidency I've seen and I found it on a National Review comment thread.  A guy named Steve Carter wrote:  

Ayn Rand once used a term, "anti-concept," to describe a thing which is defined by what it is NOT instead of what it IS. The advantage of anti-concepts is that they allow their user to avoid reality by never asserting positively where they stand.
The entire Obama experience is one, giant anti-concept. He exists not to DO, but to condemn for not doing right; not to support, but to accuse others of failing to support the right things; not to being right, but to accuse others of being wrong. It presents a magnificent appearance of solidity while really being a cushy, formless void. He can offer no real resistance but still remain a barrier--as long as we continue to pretend that he has validity.
Totally true.

Watch the arrogant, condescending Jay Carney fumble around like an idiot here, trying to spin the Obama 'plan' on the debt ceiling.

Thursday, July 14

stirring up mindlessness

Ugh. Nothing being proposed would effect the person featured in this ad. AARP is using member dues for this patently absurd ad which desperately tries to drum up a general kind of mindless fear that AARP hopes will scare voters into being against ever tackling the matter of entitlement reform. Anyone with any common sense can see that it may be time to raise the retirement age, for example. If these programs are on a collision course with financial ruination, which they are, they are unsustainable in their current form and therefor need to be somehow restructured. I would think this to be elementary. And I'm not aware of a single proposal that would effect current beneficiaries. To imagine that they are the target as this ad does is so laughable its demented.

hope, change & lies

One of the signature lines from the 2008 presidential campaign was that Obama was going to make the world love America again. Bush was so hated, so incompetent that the Magic Negro was going to make everything better.

But, as with everything else in Obamaville, we know it's crap. It turns out that Obama's America is even LESS popular in the Arab world than it was President Bush's final year in office.

It's called leadership. Democrats aren't leaders. Republicans are leaders. That's one reason why voting for Republicans is always a good decision.

Friday, July 8

democrats are domestic terrorists

Please click on this for a good laugh. (Hint: Nancy Pelosi said something stupid again.)

Tuesday, July 5

democrats are domestic terrorists

The Obama economy sucks and the recovery is worse than all others in American history. 

I say we impeach him, since he and the Democrats have knowingly and enthusiastically sought to sabotage America since taking power in 2007 and 2009.

Monday, July 4

happy 4th of july

Great Britain held a tribute to President Ronald Reagan today, a great man, an intelligent man. One of America's greatest Presidents.

America, under Reagan, was strong, prosperous, feared and respected in the world. President Reagan, with his smart policies, ended the Cold War.

Our current leader, Barack Obama, a man so unintelligent, he passed a so-called 'stimulus' bill he claimed would create jobs.  It did produce a small number, but unfortunately, each one cost $278,000.

America badly needs Reagan-type leadership again, to right the ship of state and clean up the messes Democrats have made.

Friday, July 1

lying democrats

After bashing Republicans just two days ago for not working, Obama went to Camp David.  He thinks he needs to rest up, since he's "got five and a half years to go" as President.

What a dick.  And a liar.  The guy has spent two and a half years sabotaging America and he really thinks people are going to give him another term?

Harry Reid can't be Harry Reid without lying about the Democrats being fiscally responsible. What a joke.

Barbara Boxer, my Senator, is being called "absurd" by Glenn Kessler of the WaPo, after remarks she made on Wednesday about the politics of the 1990's, of which she was an active participant, were/are complete lies.

More than just being lying politicians, Obama, Reid, Boxer, and many other Democrats are just bad, bad people.

a national mistake

tax more, get less

Minnesota has a government shutdown and all the Democrats want to do is tax the rich. Even Gov. Mark Dayton, a rich guy himself, wants the rich to pay more.

God forbid they'd ever agree to cut spending. No that's far too logical.

Why don't Liberals understand simple economics?
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