Tuesday, July 26

debt crisis

This is one of the best examinations of the Obama presidency I've seen and I found it on a National Review comment thread.  A guy named Steve Carter wrote:  

Ayn Rand once used a term, "anti-concept," to describe a thing which is defined by what it is NOT instead of what it IS. The advantage of anti-concepts is that they allow their user to avoid reality by never asserting positively where they stand.
The entire Obama experience is one, giant anti-concept. He exists not to DO, but to condemn for not doing right; not to support, but to accuse others of failing to support the right things; not to being right, but to accuse others of being wrong. It presents a magnificent appearance of solidity while really being a cushy, formless void. He can offer no real resistance but still remain a barrier--as long as we continue to pretend that he has validity.
Totally true.

Watch the arrogant, condescending Jay Carney fumble around like an idiot here, trying to spin the Obama 'plan' on the debt ceiling.


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