Friday, October 28

complete ignorance

Wednesday, October 26


Perry in South Carolina
I like Rick Perry a lot.  I was excited about his candidacy, excited about his contribution to the GOP presidential primary, but he's been a bomb pretty much thus far. He's stumbled.

But this tax and spending reform plan he outlined in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday is what is going to grab people's attention.  This is the stuff a serious president and a serious Congress talks about and puts into action: Shrinking government, cutting spending and turning tax returns into postcards.


Okay, that's a small number given the obscene waste of the federal government, but still.

And even more outrageous? That's the money spent on buying Obama's books for "key libraries" around the world. And I'm assuming Obama will get royalties?

Is the White House also sending out "Decision Points" to those same "key libraries" too?


Saturday, October 15


I love how Drudge headlines this:
Nevermind that the Long Term Care program for Seniors, known by the acronym Class, was folded a long time ago.

From the Wall Street Journal, dated October 4, 2011:
"The Health and Human Services Department recently shut down a government insurance program for long-term care, known by the acronym Class. HHS also released a statement claiming that reports that HHS is shutting down Class are "not accurate." All HHS did was suspend Class policy planning, told Senate Democrats to zero out Class funding for 2012, reassigned Class's career staffers to other projects and pink-slipped the program's chief actuary. Other than that, it's full-speed ahead."
Class was added as a budget gimmick by the Democrats because they knew that Obamacare was going to break the bank.  The 'Party of the People,' right?

There's more:
"Benefits in the Class program, which was supposed to start up next year, are rigged by an unusual five-year vesting period. So the people who sign up begin paying premiums immediately—money that Democrats planned to spend immediately on other things, as if the back-loaded payments to Class beneficiaries would never come due. The $86 billion or so that would have built up between 2012 and 2021 with the five-year lead is supposed to help finance the rest of ObamaCare. The Class program would go broke sometime in the next decade, but that would be somebody else's problem."
Yeah. America's problem.  Republicans need to repeal Class and let's hope and pray that the electorate votes out the Democrats in 2012 as an act of 'fiscal hygiene.' 

Thursday, October 13

i'm occupying this chair

I know, I know. It's shocking to discover that lunatic billionaire George Soros - the guy who advocates that you and me pay higher taxes while he pays nothing? - is behind these disgusting subversive protests, "Occupy Wall Street."

You've got to wonder what his problem is. Smart guy, he's made a bunch of money, but like most Liberals, he's a brain dead hypocrite.

Somebody needs to occupy his ass.

a man of no substance

This is damning stuff to be written about an American president. But it's all true. Hell, I've been saying the same stuff about Obama since 2008.
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