Wednesday, October 26


Perry in South Carolina
I like Rick Perry a lot.  I was excited about his candidacy, excited about his contribution to the GOP presidential primary, but he's been a bomb pretty much thus far. He's stumbled.

But this tax and spending reform plan he outlined in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday is what is going to grab people's attention.  This is the stuff a serious president and a serious Congress talks about and puts into action: Shrinking government, cutting spending and turning tax returns into postcards.


Blogger JasMars said...

As Dick Morris points out, it's tax "simplification" as opposed to Cain's more revolutionary tax reform. Good, but not sweeping.

Good, but not great. That's pretty much Perry who I'd really rather not have to be forced into attacking.

And that speech in NH the other night? Let's just say the guy was feeling no pain.

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