Tuesday, January 31


US Attorney Gen. Eric Holder is shown. | AP Photo
House Oversight Chairman Darrell (R-CA) Issa is threatening to hold AG Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for insufficient compliance with an investigation into Fast and Furious, an horrific Obama scandal.

the guy with no resume

This is a very interesting piece from WaPo.

"Obama, the most polarizing president. Ever."

a special type of creep

Like all Liberals, Jon Corzine supports policies and politicians that fail. He even ran MF Global into the ground, after he ran New Jersey deeper into debt.

It seems like Corzine should reimburse all the people he screwed at MF Global first and only donate to his buddy Obama if he has cash left over.

Sunday, January 29

wisconsin success & stupidity

Public unions around the country have poured money into an effort to vote Walker out of office.
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has turned his state around and money grubbing idiot unions and stupid voters still want to recall him.

The non-sensical Left is on full display, for all the electorate to see this election year.

luis fortuno, vice president of the united states?

Puerto Rico gov backs Romney
He's the one.

Thursday, January 19

'a strong supporter of domestic energy production'?

Not a single true thing in this ad... Obama, the liar-in-chief.

small man after all

President Obama, he of the no shovel-ready jobs, the no Keystone XL pipeline, the guy who was going to 'visit all 57 states,' and 'lower the oceans,' today went to Florida, visited Walt Disney World and made a speech about economics and tourism, only it was invitation-only and all of the parks' visitors had to stay away.

That perfectly sums up the era of 'transparency' and 'hope and change,' doesn't it?


Monday, January 16

what about separation of church and state?

Democrats freak out whenever the GOP is even remotely connected to religion in any way. But, it's perfectly okay for Senior White House advisor Valerie Jarrett to bash Republicans from the pulpit of a black church on the day before MLK Day AND hold a voter registration drive?

Friday, January 13

patently dishonest

Ron Paul has been a harsh critic of President Reagan, even wrote a letter of resignation from the GOP, calling the Reagan agenda "disastrous," yet here's a photo being used in typically dishonest fashion on the RP fan site, RonPaul.com.

Tuesday, January 10

please go away, mr. magoo

Invisible and irrelevant in Congress for 37 years, Ron Paul runs for president to get attention and feed his bizarre ego.
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