Tuesday, February 28

"it's a little stinky"

Dennis Budziszewski, 63, of Canton, is a retired auto worker and says he is a Democrat who is voting for Rick Santorum in the Michigan primary as a protest against Mitt Romney.
"It's a little stinky," admits Elisabeth Steegman, 44, of Sterling Heights, Michigan.

She voted for Rick Santorum to help Obama. So did retired auto worker, Dennis Budziszewski (above), who organized other Democrats to do the same on Facebook.

This makes me sick. Subterfuge for Obama.

If Rick Santorum wins Michigan tonight, many Conservative Republicans will celebrate the fact that Mitt Romney lost.  But Obama and the Democrats will be celebrating, too.

Conservatives hate Romney. They hate him so much they are willing to nominate a guy like Santorum who can't win a general election.  Voters will get one look at the former PA Senator and (with help of the MSM and the Obama campaign) conclude he's a right wing religious fanatic.

Why are Republicans so dumb? Why can't they fight as hard as the Democrats? Why don't they consider all of the ways Democrats can do 'stinky' things like this?  The tactics? Why the hell would they invite Democrats to vote in the Republican primary?

My many Liberal friends will vote for Romney in the general because they are disenchanted with Obama. They now realize his "Hope and Change" was bullshit all along. They might even support Ron Paul because of his whacked out foreign policy ideas. But they will never, ever support Santorum or the dead in the water Newt Gingrich.

A loss tonight won't sink the Romney campaign. But it will complicate things and hand more ammo to Obama, who looked very beatable just three weeks ago.


Blogger JasMars said...

we're going thru a weird period where any one who supports Romney is supposed to be alienated by the conservative movement. it wont last.

1:00 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

I don't get people who support unelectable candidates. Ideological purity doesn't mean anything if it leads to losing elections.

Had coffee with an ideological pure Republican buddy this morning. He told me he doesn't care if we lose in November as long as he has a clear conscience voting for a presidential candidate that shares his rigid positions on social issues.

4:38 PM  
Blogger J.R. said...

Once again Republicans PROVE their memories are about as long as their wee little peckers ...

Rush Limbaugh Explains Why He's Urging Republicans in Texas and Ohio to Vote for Hillary Clinton on Super Tuesday 2

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,334669,00.html#ixzz1qfZruS6V

10:33 PM  

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